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Step into your highest potential with holistic astrology and other life-enhancing services. Working with ancients and angels, Spiritsong can help you work through confusion, release fears, strengthen relationships, experience inner peace, achieve your goals and fill your life with joy!

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Spiritsong offers the following astrology services by phone, Skype, or in person.

90 Minute Sessions

A healing session with Spiritsong  may include any or all of the following modalities. All healing sessions are offered by phone, Skype, or in person. Healing sessions are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Music of the Heart:  As former Music Minister for two New Thought churches in Western North Carolina -- Asheville’s Center For Creative Living and Waynesville’s Creative Thought Center – Spiritsong has ample experience using her well-developed vocal and keyboard skills to touch people’s spirits and hearts. Whether performing her music (much of it original) at churches, weddings, receptions, festivals, community events or metaphysical gatherings, she always forges a soul-deep connection with her audiences.

Inspirational Speaker / Celebrant:  Spiritsong finds great joy in sharing her messages of love through inspirational speaking and music from her heart. She is also available to officiate weddings, memorial services, and the blessing of houses, businesses and children.

All services currently offered on a love offering basis.



“Spiritsong has a strong intuitive insight into a person's soul identity. She told me things I knew and said to myself but have never told anyone. She has an amazing way of peeling back the onion to find a person's deepest self. She has a gently guiding spirit that allows you to feel what she is saying on many different levels – emotional, intellectual and spiritual. In a reading, she creates a sacred space where you feel safe and protected. Also, there is something wonderful about her voice: a frequency that has a mystical healing quality of its own. I really felt like she cared about me. A session with Spiritsong is a rare delight and wonderful experience.” 
    – Sherry M.

“Spiritsong is the real deal. She is unique and the Power flows through her. I underwent an “Angel Touch Energy Flow” session with her and I experienced a profound inner healing of my heart and being. Spiritsong was able to use her Intuitive Wise Woman wisdom and to tap into her Angelic friends to help facilitate healing of a core relationship issue for me.  The profound healing felt even stronger the next several days after the session. I’m thankful for Spiritsong’s amazing and beautiful healing gifts of the Spirit.” 
    – Jerry Rosa, Arden, NC.


"Thank you, Spiritsong, for sharing your beautiful, sacred healing gifts with me. Since our session I have felt the strongest connection to my Higher Self in a way that I have never experienced before. This is truly amazing -- this is what I have been searching for! It feels like coming back home to the Source...even like I never really left. Many, many blessings to you, Spiritsong."
Debbie Pickard, Arden, NC

"Spiritsong, thank you for the series of weekly phone consultations you did with me recently to look at upcoming astrological influences, and for guiding me in making some important choices. The work we did together was amazingly beautiful, and the miracle of you and your work is priceless! Even your voice is healing…your gifts shine right through the phone!
          As you have given me a safe place to grow and accept myself, my life is being transformed and becoming more joyful.  With the assistance of your angelic energy I have already experienced so much healing. You ARE Spirit's Song. I am deeply grateful."

     – Dafni from DC

“In a moment of crisis Spiritsong escorted me gracefully and lovingly into a place of receptivity to grace and transformation. She not only works with and for the angels, she is an angel.”
     – Meg Anderson, Weaverville, NC


“I walked out of Spiritsong’s office lighter and free from burdens that had been with me for years. I never could have imagined the insights into myself, the affirmation of myself and the acceptance of myself that she made possible! I felt healed on many levels, as well as deeper joy and acceptance. Spiritsong has very keen psychic strength and uses it for the highest good. I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift!” 
Sharon LaMotte, Asheville, NC

"Before our session, I felt like I was standing at the edge of a precipice, fighting not to go over. Our time together helped me not only back away from that darkness, but also return to my Self. You truly provide an oasis of love and healing energy. Thank you, Mary."
    – Kristen, Asheville, NC

"Spiritsong's reading helped me clarify my life purpose, both with practical ideas on how to handle everyday stress and with advice on the bigger picture of creativity, spirituality, and career. Her gentle advice gave me the courage I needed to finally move forward with a project that I have hesitated with for years -- and the people, partnerships, and resources I need have been falling in my lap ever since. Without my session with Spiritsong, I don't know that I would have had the courage to take this exciting risk." 
Kate P., Los Angeles, CA


"I knew very little concerning astrology and was a bit nervous, but Mary had me feeling relaxed within minutes. I learned so much about myself! What I knew to be innately true about my personality was explained in terms I could understand. The transiting planetary energies chart was amazingly right on and helped me see into the positive future that is available to me. It explained much of what I have been experiencing over this past year. Mary reassured me that the dark place I've been in need not be seen as tragic, but as a time of transition and positive change in my life leading to my true purpose. Thank you Mary, you've lifted me up!"
Jennifer Sanner, Waynesville, NC

"Dear Spiritsong,
           When I contacted you, I was in a deep, dark and lonely place emotionally and spiritually. My life was filled with constant fears from past obstacles, and I reached out to you as a last resort. The moment I met you, I no longer felt disconnected, alone or afraid. Immediately after my first session, I felt inner healing taking place. 
            You are so loving and caring. You instinctively say just what I need to hear and intuitively give me just what I need. You have touched my heart with your genuine kindness. Thank you for making me feel so loved. I feel like a heavy dark cloud has been lifted. And my thoughts have changed A LOT! You have literally saved my life!
            Love, Stephanie J., Candler, NC
P.S. You give the best hugs!"

"Spiritsong is truly an amazing woman. When she touched me with her gentle healing hands, my energies were quickened and I saw ecstatic visions of the Angels doing their loving work amidst much color and light. I am truly grateful to know such a beautiful spirit."
Gary Caton, Asheville, NC

"Thank you so very much for such a spectacular experience. You gently guided me through some blocks that have been hindering me my entire life. Thanks to you, they lost their power!"
     – Jonna Rae Bartges, Weaverville, NC



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Prior Appearances 

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Golden Nuggets Lectures, Black Mountain, NC
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Alliance of Divine Love Conference, Hendersonville, NC

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